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About Us
The Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade was the creation of three downtown Los Altos merchants: Hope Higbee, Marion Jackston and Jack Huston, all of whom were inspired by the idea of a light parade. In 1977, these merchants convinced the Los Altos Village Association Sales Promotion Committee to stage a Parade on Thanksgiving evening with the intention of promoting good will and holiday spirit. With a few lit costumed characters taken from fairy tales, and Walter Singer, a merchant and businessman festooned as the town Santa Claus, the Parade started at Third and Main Streets, traveled down Main, turned up State Street, and disappeared into the crowd.

Over the years since, hundreds of hours have been spent tailoring lights to costumes and adding lights and sound systems to floats.

Today, the Parade has turned into one of the most popular Los Altos events of the year. And we are ALWAYS looking for new volunteers to work on this community event!

Board members:

President: Deborah Baker
Co-Secretary: Maridee Charlton
Co-Secretary: Robin Johnston
Treasurer: Dennis Young
Past President: Dave Luedtke

Marie Backs
Jon Bauer
Ellen Biolsi
Jerre Bowen
Ed Bridgeman
Sgt. Scott Bunch
Michelle Galbraith
Ken Haukom
Bobbie Huston
Catharine Kristian
Beth Miller
Rob Montgomery
Karen Sanders
Kevin Sawyer
John Schembri
Edgar Schill
Nancy Schneider
Jerry Sorensen
Brown Taylor

Awards and Recognitions

Certificate of Recognition, 2008 Community Legacy Award, Los Altos Chamber of Commerce
Certificate of Recognition, California State Assembly, awarded by Ira Ruskin, 21st District
Certificate of Commendation, Community Legacy Award, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, awarded by Liz Kniss, 5th District Supervisor
Remembering Bob Grimm

Thank you to the City of Los Altos for designationg the Festival of Lights Parade a Heritage Event and providing valuable support from the Police Department and from the Public Works.

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